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A Murder of Crows By @IanSkewis @Unbound_Digital #Review

Today on Love Books Group, J.A. Warnock stops by with a review of A Murder of Crows By Ian Skewis. You can purchase the book in physical and kindle copy. Book Synopsis The most violent thunderstorm in living memory occurs above a sleepy village on the West Coast of Scotland. A young couple take shelter … Continue reading A Murder of Crows By @IanSkewis @Unbound_Digital #Review

Blind Side @Jennie_Ensor @unbounders @Unbound_Digital #QA #WeekendOffer

Can you ever truly know someone? And what if you suspect the unthinkable? London, five months before 7/7. Georgie, a young woman wary of relationships after previous heartbreak, gives in and agrees to sleep with close friend Julian. She’s shocked when Julian reveals he’s loved her for a long time. But Georgie can’t resist her … Continue reading Blind Side @Jennie_Ensor @unbounders @Unbound_Digital #QA #WeekendOffer

The Sewing Machine ~ @theyarnyard @Unbound_Digital #Review

It is 1911, and Jean is about to join the mass strike at the Singer factory. For her, nothing will be the same again. Decades later, in Edinburgh, Connie sews coded moments of her life into a notebook, as her mother did before her. More than 100 years after his grandmother’s sewing machine was made, Fred … Continue reading The Sewing Machine ~ @theyarnyard @Unbound_Digital #Review

Ashael Rising @shona_kinsella #99p eBook #RT #Promo @Unbound_Digital

Ashael is a hunter-gatherer woman, apprenticed to Bhearra, the healer and spiritual leader of their tribe. The Zanthar are invaders from another world who extend their own lives by stealing the life-force of everything around them. They have last seen on KalaDene 200 years ago. They have returned, looking for The Vessel, a being prophesied … Continue reading Ashael Rising @shona_kinsella #99p eBook #RT #Promo @Unbound_Digital