Theatre News: Celebration with MAMA @MAMAmusselburgh @TheBrunton

Celebration! With MAMA Worried about the post-Christmas blues? Looking for something fun to do during the long winters evenings? Look no further – MAMA has the solution! Join us at the Brunton Theatre from the 18th until the 20th of January as Musselburgh Amateur Musical Association (MAMA) presents Celebration! This year’s January revue will take … Continue reading Theatre News: Celebration with MAMA @MAMAmusselburgh @TheBrunton

Great Expectations @Quantum_Theatre @TheBrunton @N_T_S #Review

On a sunny evening in Inveresk Lodge Gardens, Musselburgh, the audience was settling into their fold down seats and munching on their well thought out picnics.  We were all there to see the Quantum Theatre's outdoor performance of Great Expectations. The whole production is performed by a cast of four very talented actors. Hannah Allen, Will Gillham, … Continue reading Great Expectations @Quantum_Theatre @TheBrunton @N_T_S #Review

Descent ~ @TheBrunton @DescentThePlay #Review #Desenttheplay

I attended last night's performance of Descent at The Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh.  I must say I went to theatre with a preconceived idea of how I thought the production would be, after doing some online research about its theme.  I did not think it would be something I would enjoy. However, I could not have … Continue reading Descent ~ @TheBrunton @DescentThePlay #Review #Desenttheplay

#Brewband @TheBrunton @marc_brew #Review #Event #Scotland

BREWBAND BREWBAND is a new live integrated interactive music and dance production under construction where boundaries between musicians and dancers blur as they take on each other’s role. My Review  I really did not know what to expect from this performance beforehand. But it turned out to be a night that would awaken the many … Continue reading #Brewband @TheBrunton @marc_brew #Review #Event #Scotland

You’ve Got A Friend ~ Carole King & James Taylor #Event #Review @TheBrunton

I was at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh last night to review 'You've Got A Friend' music from Carole King & Jame Taylor.  The stage had a beautiful ambiance with free standing and little lamps lit up with an amber orange tint. Giving the stage a warm glow. With flowers splayed over the drums and microphone … Continue reading You’ve Got A Friend ~ Carole King & James Taylor #Event #Review @TheBrunton

The Cavern Beatles @TheBrunton @CAVERN_BEATLES #Review

Take a Magical History Tour through the works of the greatest pop music phenomenon; replicating in sight and sound, the excitement and energy of Beatlemania, the psychedelic era of Sgt. Pepper, and the creative masterpieces of The White Album and Abbey Road. Four costume changes and lighting scenes compliment the changes in musical complexity as … Continue reading The Cavern Beatles @TheBrunton @CAVERN_BEATLES #Review