Meet The Team

Guest Reviewers 

On Love Books Group, we sometimes have guest reviews. Below are the team that participate.

Kimberly Livingston

‘Our voice from across the pond’


Kimberly Livingston is an avid reader, writer, and a firm believer in Happily Ever Afters. Born and raised on the stuff of Disney, she now lives in Colorado with her own Prince Charming.  Kim writes women’s and YA contemporary with central romance novels.

 J.A. Warnock

‘Our voice from the Borders’


A perpetual student, accountant and fitness instructor Julie Anne Warnock joined the team at Love Books Group because she wasn’t quite busy enough already. She has studied historical literature, English, drama, accountancy, economics, planetary science, psychology, and criminology; she admits to reading just about anything put in front of her. She lives in the Scottish Borders with Eliza, Martha and Beryl (the sheep) her nearest neighbours.

Tanya Kaanta

‘Our voice from Colorado, USA’

Tanya lilies cropped (1)

Tanya is an avid reader and lifelong learner. A former academic with a PhD. in sociology, she loves reading any type of book except horror. She has blogged for Macmillan and in a past life, conducted evaluation research and taught university courses. Currently, she writes romance under her pen name Lily Kay and lives in Colorado with her husband, two children, a dog, and a cat.

Dr Clare Horrocks

‘Our voice from England’

Dr Clare Horrocks works at Liverpool John Moores University as a Senior Lecturer in Cultural History. Outside of work her big passion is reading. If she is under duress she likes a good chick-lit book that doesn’t require much thinking. Otherwise a gritty crime drama or psychological thriller are her go to genres. She joined Kelly’s Love of Books group to be introduced to books she wouldn’t normally read. The result is a bigger than ever To Be Read pile which continues to grow daily!

Dr Clare Horrocks

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21 thoughts on “Meet The Team

  1. Hello Kelly, It’s been lovely to work with you – thank you for finding Waverley Books! We hope to work with you again soon, it’s been a real pleasure. Your blog is great and thank you for working so hard. Love the daffodils!

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  2. We would like to say how very supportive Kelly has been for us. We are new authors as RJ Bailey – although Robert Ryan (one half) is an established writer of mainly historical fiction – this is a new project for us to write a thriller together. Kelly has been there with us from virtually the beginning and has really helped to expose us to a different and wider audience.
    Her twitter feeds, facebook and blogs are many and varied and full of enthusiasm! Its great for us as writers and for us as readers…Thank you

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  3. I think this is a fantastic way to get started and such a kind thing to do for all us authors out here.Thank you so much for following my blog – I am honored and perhaps sometime I can persuade you to review one of my books! Stop by my blog anytime!

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  4. Thanks for following my posts, Kelly.
    Maybe we can arrange some poetry readings? Have plenty of material and have performed in some great venues- cathedrals, Arts Centres, Edinburgh Fringe and The Caledonia Club in London . Let me know if you are interested ….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wait till you see what I am attempting next! Am trying to make a monk’s vision from the late 12th century slightly more accessible!


  5. “We only rise and grow by lifting others” Thats a wonderful thought. (sorry I can’t write this in a yellow font btw).

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