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Because I Was Lonely By @HayleyMitchellc ~ Published @RedDoorBooks #Review

Finished this last night and it was for sure a special read. It’s Hayley Mitchell’s debut novel with Red Door Publishing but it will not be her last. The first chapter had me sitting with my chin on my chest, scared to read the next page. The best opening to a book I have ever

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Review of Mary’s The Name By Ross Sayers ~ @cranachanbooks @Sayers33

Book Review ~ Mary’s The Name By Ross Sayers Mary’s The Name ~ Ross Sayers The Books Description  An eight-year-old girl and her Granpa are on the run… “When me and Granpa watched James Bond films, he told me not to be scared because people didn’t have guns like that in Scotland. That must’ve been why the robbers used hammers.”

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