Coming Soon – Save Her by Abigail Osborne – Virtual Book Tour – 24th May – 4th June

Save Her 24th May - 4th June It was a pleasure to organise the book tour on behalf of Abigail Osborne for her release of SAVE HER. With 47 review hosts taking part across book blogs and bookstgram. It is heating up to be quite the campaign. I recently coordinated the virtual book launch for … Continue reading Coming Soon – Save Her by Abigail Osborne – Virtual Book Tour – 24th May – 4th June

By My Sword Alone by David Black – 3rd – 9th May #Virtualbooktour

By My Sword Alone by David Black Tour: 3rd - 9th May I have organised a book tour on behalf of Lume Books for By My Sword Alone by David Black. You can follow the tour across social media with honest book reviews from real readers. By My Sword Alone Blurb  The Battle of Glenshiel, … Continue reading By My Sword Alone by David Black – 3rd – 9th May #Virtualbooktour

The Eternal Dusk by Victoria J Price Book Tour Wrap-up

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We had a superb tour for The Eternal Dusk (Daughter of the Phoenix Book Two) by Victoria J price. Below you can learn more about the book and visit and read our hosts features.


Angels are disappearing. Witches are gathering. An ancient darkness is rising.

It’s been just over a month since eighteen-year-old Fia Aldridge has returned to Earth from the parallel world of Ohinyan.

She thought she’d be safe back in London—and that she’d be protecting her friends from Erebus, the ancient darkness that was calling to her.

But when she discovers angels are going missing at the hands of a local witch coven, she knows she has to find a way back to Ohinyan and warn her friends, even if it means Erebus will be waiting.

Little does she know, the darkness is about to be set free—and he’s only interested in one thing: finding Fia.


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Vile by Keith Crawford #bookreview @keithcrawford77

Vile by Keith Crawford Elianor Paine is a Magistrate of the Peace in the Kingdom of Trist and a republican secret agent. She has 6 days to subvert her investigation, supplant war-hero Lord Vile, then coerce his adult children to start a revolution, before her masters discover the truth and have her killed. Just how … Continue reading Vile by Keith Crawford #bookreview @keithcrawford77

Meet Me in Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo @MillsandBoon @ToffTalks #Bookreview #Booktour #Meetmeseries #Hawaii #Bookcommunity #Readers

Meet me in Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo Where an ocean of love awaits Malie Pukui doesn’t believe in happy ever after. After a tragedy caused her to flee her family and friends in Devon she found a fresh start in Hawaii. Here, working at a surf school, she can give back to those in need … Continue reading Meet Me in Hawaii by Georgia Toffolo @MillsandBoon @ToffTalks #Bookreview #Booktour #Meetmeseries #Hawaii #Bookcommunity #Readers

Dreamer by Loretta Kendall – Book Tour – 8th – 17th of March – @LorettaKAuthor @CayellePub @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

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Dreamer by Loretta Kendall


Luna suffers from an undiagnosed illness causing hallucinations and blackouts that have plagued her for years. The root of her bazaar illness comes to light when she meets her pro-wrestling hero, Gunner Cain, and his wrestling faction friends, The Tribe. Luna discovers her romantic connection to Gunner isn’t just a fangirl crush, he is her eternal soulmate.

Gunner wants Luna to become his Alpha dreamer mate, for as part of a prophecy written in the Lycan Oracle, Luna must choose to bond to the Alpha of the Tribe, or all will be stuck in wolf form, forgetting their humanity forever. Luna learns the steps they must take to complete the bonding ritual could also end a centuries-old curse, saving lone wolves abandoned by their packs and plagued with the dreaded Lycan fever. Gunner’s connection to Luna is more than prophecy fulfilled; it is hope…

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HOWUL by David Shannon @shannon_author @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours @elsewhenpress

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HOWUL by David Shannon


Books are dangerous

People in Blanow think that books are dangerous: they fill your head with drivel, make poor firewood and cannot be eaten (even in an emergency).

This book is about Howul. He sees things differently: fires are dangerous; people are dangerous; books are just books.

Howul secretly writes down what goes on around him in Blanow. How its people treat foreigners, treat his daughter, treat him. None of it is pretty. Worse still, everything here keeps trying to kill him: rats, snakes, diseases, roof slates, the weather, the sea. That he survives must mean something. He wants to find out what. By trying to do this, he gets himself thrown out of Blanow… and so his journey begins.

Like all gripping stories, HOWUL is about the bad things people do to each other and what to do if they happen to you. Some…

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Ajax (Alpha Heroes Book 1) by Anna Del Mar #bookreview @klnovels

Ajax (Alpha Heroes Book 1) by Anna Del Mar He’s a former Navy SEAL, haunted by his past.She’s the only woman who can help him redeem his honor.But will they be able to overcome the mayhem of his previous life, and set themselves free from the darkness? Review by Kim Livingston for Love Books Group … Continue reading Ajax (Alpha Heroes Book 1) by Anna Del Mar #bookreview @klnovels

Set My Heart To Five by Simon Stephenson #booktour #bookreview @amberachoudhary @midaspr

Set My Heart To Five by Simon Stephenson Set in a 2054 where humans have locked themselves out of the internet and Elon Musk has incinerated the moon, Set My Heart To Five is the hilarious yet profoundly moving story of one android’s emotional awakening. Unhappy with his programmed job of dentistry and inspired by a love … Continue reading Set My Heart To Five by Simon Stephenson #booktour #bookreview @amberachoudhary @midaspr

Slatehead: The Ascent of Britain’s Slate-climbing Scene by Peter Goulding @Flatlandclimber @newwelshreview #interview

Slatehead: The Ascent of Britain's Slate-climbing Scene by Peter Goulding Bobby Drury left Liverpool after O-levels, knowing he had f***ed them up. Free now, he hitched to Snowdonia. His mum came crying on the phone, 'You've failed them all.' Bobby knew that. 'No, Mum, I've led Vector.' This was Thatcher's lost generation. The slate quarries were … Continue reading Slatehead: The Ascent of Britain’s Slate-climbing Scene by Peter Goulding @Flatlandclimber @newwelshreview #interview