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House of Cards meets Jack Reacher in this explosive debut novel from Ted Denton. An exhilarating action thriller set against the backdrop of professional golf, political double dealing, corporate corruption and brutal violence. 
A young Daniel Ratchet arrives in Spain to begin his dream job as a professional golf agent on the European Tour. In London, Rublex is working on a ¬£3bn oil exploration deal with the British government. Derek Hemmings, in his forty-third year of service for Queen and Country, is told to look over the deal and rubber-stamp it for the Foreign Office. But things are not what they seem … Daniel discovers match fixing, fraud, and corruption, all at the seeming behest of Rublex. With the help of Wallace, a cantankerous caddie, the two begin to try to take them down. But Daniel disappears. Wallace contacts an old Army buddy, the ‚ÄėHand of God,’ who sends ex-military Tom Hunter, on a mission against the clock to find Daniel before he is killed.

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