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Vermin by William A. Graham

  • Crime Fiction
  • Dundee
  • Private Investigator



Meet Allan Linton … a detective with a difference.

It’s not exactly L.A. But dead bodies are the same wherever they turn up.

Allan Linton became a private detective by pure chance. He may not follow the rules, but he always gets the job done. Until he’s hired to track down a missing girl.

All he’s got to go on is an old photo and the help – and hindrance – of the city’s biggest drug dealer and his eccentric associate Niddrie.

Linton’s investigation yields no trace of Tina Lamont. He’s ready to throw in the towel – after all, some people want to be missing. But when a dead body turns up in London, it’s clear there’s something sinister going on. And now others are on Tina’s trail …

Tina ran away for a reason – and that reason will stop at nothing to find her.

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This new crime fiction thriller brought to us by William A. Graham was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Set in the heart of Dundee, we meet PI Allan Linton and his associate Niddrie.

For me, the book is merely a very scrumptious taster of what is yet to come, it’s like William A Graham is leading us gently by the hand as we get introduced to important characters and the backstory between their connection to Linton.  Letting us get the lay of the land. Making the roots of Linton into our minds.

The characters are likeable and relatable. The descriptive scenes of Allan Linton making his dinner are true to life and it’s rare in books, they never stop halfway through to nip to the toilet or stop to make dinner. But PI Allan Linton, likes his grub, especially a Dundee Pie.

Image result for dundee pie

I really didn’t feel the title was a good fit for the book and the cover, well it’s been done before and I felt the book deserved something better.

Overall, I had a great time getting to know Linton and his lifestyle. I learned a lot about Dundee too, I never knew about the jute mills. I would recommend this to crime fiction fans who enjoy getting into the mind of the main protagonist.

William A. Graham has made his presence known with Vermin. Allan Linton is an unforgettable Dundonian and we have only just started to get to know him.

3.5 Stars

By Kelly Lacey

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