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Twenty-five years ago, a group of ninth graders produced a Saturday Night Live–style videotape to cheer up their ailing friend. The show’s running time was only ninety minutes, but it had a lasting impact: Becca laughed her way through recovery, and the group―Jordana, Seth, Holly, and Lex―became her supporting cast for life.

On the silver anniversary of Becca Night Live, the friends reunite over the Fourth of July to celebrate Becca’s good health―but nothing goes as planned. The happy holiday card facades everyone’s been hiding behind quickly crumble and give way to an unforgettable three days filled with complex moral dilemmas and life-altering choices. Through humour, drama, and the alternating perspectives of five characters, The Cast explores the power of forgiveness, the importance of authenticity, and the immeasurable value of deep, enduring friendships to buoy us when life plays out differently than expected.

| Review |

The Cast is the aptly named debut novel by Amy Blumenfeld available now on Kindle and coming out in paperback on August 14th. It follows up on a group of childhood friends who were affected for life when illness threatened one of them. The story picks back up twenty-five years after Lexi is cleared and released from the hospital. In those twenty-five years each member of the cast has moved on with their own life in some way, but the event they shared in high school has made its impact.

The story centres around the anniversary of the day that Lexi is released. But carefully laid plans for a reunion are laid to waste when fate rears its ugly head again. Each chapter is told from each of the cast member’s perspectives, allowing the reader to have an all-seeing understanding in the end. Just as in life, this novel doesn’t go as expected and there aren’t always happily-ever-afters. The emotions and subjects elicited by Ms Blumenfeld are real. The Cast is a true to life novel with true to life characters.


By Kimberly Livingston for Love Books Group

| Author | 

Amy Blumenfeld

Amy Blumenfeld’s articles and essays have appeared in various publications, including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, O, The Oprah Magazine, George, and Moment, as well as on the cover of People. She is a graduate of Barnard College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she was the recipient of the James A. Wechsler Award for National Reporting. She has been interviewed on the CBS Evening News, FOX News, MSNBC, and NY1, and has contributed to two non-fiction books. She lives in New York with her husband and daughter. This is her first novel. For more: http://www.amyblumenfeld.com

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