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Mindfulness—focusing on the present moment while accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations—is growing in popularity. You can find apps, online courses, and articles on the subject. Businesses like Google are incorporating the practice at work, resulting in lower stress levels, less frustration, fewer sick days, and less burnout. Health centres at universities are getting in on the act too, helping overly stressed students find relief.

This basic guide to mindfulness is geared toward the curious, the beginner, and the person looking for real help with the burdens of modern life. Divided into five sections—Appreciating Mindfulness, How to Practice, Mindfulness in Action, Going Deeper, Going Even Deeper—this handy guide tells you everything you need to know to get rid of stress and gain newfound peace: how mindfulness works, how to practice it, and how to apply it in daily life.

Along with explanations of mindfulness, each chapter includes a unique guided meditation and a timeless truth that will guide the reader to deal with obstacles to practising mindfulness, living with wisdom, and how to create unconditional happiness through mindfulness.

| Review |

The newest buzzword is Mindfulness. I suppose it isn’t new, but it seems to be taking the country by storm. We teach mindfulness in our classrooms, we hear it on the news, in the fall there are two different professional development class series offered in my district on mindfulness. Recently I went to my physician and she suggested I practice mindfulness. I was embarrassed to ask exactly what she meant by that, so when I got the chance to review Arnie Kozak’s Timeless Truths for Modern Mindfulness I grabbed the chance.

I will admit, I was going to be a hard sell, and Mr. Kozak’s book is not Mindfulness 101 for Doubters and Dummies. I desperately wanted a bulleted list stating the key points, possibly with a workbook that I could check off as I completed each lesson. Hence realizing that I  was desperately in need of understanding Mindfulness. I did find that I kept picking up the book and reading more, dog earing pages that held nuggets of wisdom that I connected with and felt I wanted to think more about. The book is now filled with turned down pages, and I plan on going back through with a highlighter and adding notes.

A large portion of the book is devoted to Mindful Meditation. I never knew such a thing existed. I am not (emphasis intended) a meditation person. There is a long history behind my aversion to meditation, but suffice it to say not gonna happen. However, Mr. Kozak allows for mindfulness to be practised in different ways, not just sitting on a pillow breathing in incense. Mindfulness is really about being present, wherever you are and with whatever you may be doing. The author talks about “DMN” (Default Mode Network) which is essentially the opposite of mindfulness. He points out that if we can pay attention to our senses during these typical DMN moments (brushing our teeth, driving to work, taking a walk) we can participate in mindfulness meditation during a large chunk of our day. Now that I can do. The other point that Mr. Kozak emphasizes is that mindfulness doesn’t mean mastery. The point is the practice of focusing, realizing that our focus has wandered, pulling our focus back again, repeat. My brain is never going to master focus, and I would forever fail if that was the point. It isn’t.

If you are already a convert of mindfulness and meditation, then I believe this book will give you a deeper understanding of the concept. The author provides new and different meditation practices that both the novice and advanced will be able to use right away. If you are a newbie, like me, all I would suggest is that you be open to learning. There are plenty of truths in this book, and so far, they have only provided my brain moments of peace.

By Kimberly Livingston for Love Books Group

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