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LIttle big man cover

Little Big Man  by Katy Regan

  • Coming of Age
  • Family Life
  • Romance
  • Contemporary

| Synopsis |

Ten-year-old Zac has never met his dad, who allegedly did a runner before he was born. But when his mum lets slip that he’s the only man she’s ever loved, Zac turns detective and, roping in his best friend, hatches a plan to find his father and give his mum the happy-ever-after she deserves. What he doesn’t realize, though, is that sometimes people have good reasons for disappearing . . .

Little Big Man is a story about family secrets and fierce, familial love. It’s about growing up and being accepted; grief and lies, and the damage they can do. Most of all though, it’s about a little boy determined to hunt down the truth; a boy who wants to give the Dad he’s never met a second chance to be a father – and his mum a second chance at love.


| Review |

In Little Big Man, we meet Zac, a ten-year-old boy who lives with his single mum Juliet.  Juliet and her parents have been drenched in grief over the unexpected death of her brother. Juliet has found comfort in food and her snacking isn’t just affecting her life.

When Zac hears some vital information about the dad he has never met, he sets out on a mission on how to find him and make his mum happy again.

What I really love about the book is the complexity of the characters as we go from chapter to chapter flipping into the heads of different characters, its engaging and you get a real sense of who they are and the way they think.

Katy Regan has filled the book with real-life topics and situations that are happening in the world as you read this very review.  From obesity, secrets, lies, parenting, bullying, food addictions, grief, lifestyles and so much more.  That is what makes this book so alive and real. It’s relatable both with the situations but also the surroundings in the book, they could be down the street from me.  There is also a lot of humour in the book, especially with Zac.

I loved this book with every beat of my heart, Zac is a heart stay character.

My absolute favourite read of 2018 so far.  Buy it today, everyone needs to meet Zac.

By Kelly Lacey for Love Books Group

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