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Tale of a Tooth by Allie Rogers

  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Literary Fiction


Four-year-old Danny lives with his mother, Natalie, in a small Sussex town. Life is a struggle and when they are threatened with a benefits sanction, salvation appears in the form of a Job Centre employee called Karen. But Karen’s impact is to reach far beyond this one generous gesture, as she and Natalie embark on an intense relationship.

Told in the voice of an intelligent, passionate and unusual child, Tale of a Tooth is an immersive and compelling look at the impact of domestic abuse on a vulnerable family unit.

| Excerpt |


Jane in the library is the goodest person of the world except me and Meemaw. Jane is wet big eyes dark silvery hair crinkled face. Her voice is rumply-soft quiet like Meemaw’s velvety coat. When Jane talks her eyes go by the floor not staring and we talk of dinosaurs taking turns.

But today no Jane. No Jane in the library and a hurt in my tummy of crying coming and four times of swallowing to keep it down inside. I did pulling but no words. Meemaw knowed it was wanting Jane.

Just stay calm, poppet. If she doesn’t come, I’ll ask.
Meemaw was still the grey of yesterday. On this morning she had smoked two rollies out the window. No milk in the fridge so her tea a dark dark potion. No milk for krispies. Just crust for toast and crust is too fat.

I squeezed my toothpaste.
Too much, Danny! Come on, share with me.
Meemaw swooped in and stealed some on her brush.
No Meemaw!

I throwed my brush down then gone under the sink. Fluffy of
grot on it. Meemaw shouted. We never did teeth.
Get your shoes on then! Christ!

Then no Jane in the library. I sitted on the spinny chair by the
computer did kicking the underneath. Meemaw taked my hand
pulled me off.

Stop it! Come and look at the books!
Then Jane. Jane sudden. Smelling right of Jane.

Danny! I hoped you’d be in, I’ve got a surprise for you.
Two hands Jane holded up a big book.

This came by in a box of old stock being weeded out of the
stacks and I thought I knew someone who might like to have it.
In two hands right out to me because she meaned me the

Walking with Dinosaurs. A book but like on YouTube. The
actual thing. I taked it to the table heavy as treasure and thumped
it open.

What do you say, Danny?
Chapter one new blood.
Danny, what do you need to say to Jane?
Chapter one new blood.
Thank you so much, Jane.
Thank you so much Jane.
You’re very welcome.

I turned to the back because of index that Meemaw showed.
Up and down the letters my finger runned the good good words.
Coelophysis Ornitholestes Troodon.

I turned the pages fast fast. But remembering of careful.
Careful careful of the pages Danny.
Jane her hand near not touching.

That’s right, Danny. You’re a careful boy with the books.
I finded Troodon showed it and words underneath.
See Jane! Fast and intelligent a deadly combination a deadly

I see.
I finded Spinosaurus showed Spiney.
Spinosaurus! See!

I putted Spiney’s face on the actual word.
Danny, love, time to go now. Take the book to the machine.
No, no, you don’t understand! He can keep that one. It’s being
chucked out anyway. It’s too tatty for stock. We’d only chuck it out.
I looked up.

Are you sure? Do you hear that, Danny? You can keep it forever!
Quiet. I was wanting the book mine forever. I was wanting the
book to live in the library. Library is borrowing and the books on
the shelf. Orange label of dinosaur and prehistoric.

Jane crouched down not too near. Speaked by the side of me

Would you like to keep the book, Danny?
I didn’t like it then the keep or not.
You can keep the book, Danny. Or you can leave it here. You
can choose that.

He might have a bit of trouble deciding, Jane. Decisions can
be tricky. Shall we take the book home, Dan?
Library books live in the library.

I can bring it back sometimes. Sometimes to go on the shelf.
Dinosaurs and prehistoric.
But it’s coming home with us now, yes?
I didn’t say more words.

I think that’s a yes. Thanks again, Jane. Come on, Danny love,
we need to go now.
Meemaw going too fast.
Bring it back sometimes.
Jane speaked slow.
Yes, you could do that, Danny. Bring it back sometimes for a
visit. But always take it home again, won’t you? Because it’s your
book now. Let’s write your name in it, shall we, to save confusion?
Save confusion.
Jane getted a pen.

Can you do your own name, Danny?
I taked it to do my Danny name she putted White. Then she
writed personal copy withdrawn from stock. I readed each word
she writed of the pen.

Meemaw maked a sigh. I looked. Browning to brown.
I don’t mean to be rude, and thanks so much, Jane. But we
have to get going now.

My coat twisted arms inside out hood gone upside down. I was
busy with sort it out. Then I heared words of quieter. They don’t
want you to hear of it.

He’s got astonishing reading skills for four, hasn’t he?
Meemaw too fast again grabbed my hand. No snatching!
It’s not a big deal. It just comes naturally for him. Thanks
again! Goodbye! Say goodbye, Danny.

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If you enjoyed the blog please leave a like and a comment. We would love it if you could share it on Twitter & Facebook.  It really helps us to grow.  Thanks so very much.

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