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Trust Me by Zosia Wand

  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Psychological
  • Fiction


Who can you trust if you can’t trust yourself?

Lizzie lives in the Lake District with her partner, Jonty, and his teenage son, Sam. Though she’s only ten years older than her stepson, their set-up works. They are a family.

Then Sam becomes sullen and withdrawn, and Lizzie suspects something sinister is going on. But no one will believe her. They think Lizzie is to blame. Are they right?


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From the first page, this book has you hooked. It is eloquently written and is best described as a psychological thriller but with a different tone from the run of the mill. In places it is beautiful and in other sections, it is dark but can quickly change pace too often shocking and dramatic scenes that keep you absolutely routing for the main character Lizzie.

The novel embarks on some complex and delicate issues which are very much relevant in today’s world. It delves into the world of child grooming and exploitation, sexting and the intricates of step-parenting. The big questions throughout the book are, who is to blame and who do we trust?

Lizzie is the partner to Jonty and there is a 26 year age gap between them. Sam is Jonty’s son and there is a 10 year age gap between him and Lizzie. Their family unit works well, and the age differences aren’t any issues until the people in their lives make it an issue with devastating consequences

The story that unfolds is very believable. The depths of the characters psyches and personas are gradually developed and built up and are brilliantly portrayed throughout. All too often, a book can have a gripping storyline but with unlikeable characters. Trust Me by Zosia Wand has a good plot and great characters in bucketfuls.

This book is a must read, I especially loved its depth, its warmth and its gripping fast paced thrills.

Review by Allison Brady on behalf of Love Books Group.

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