Review Opportunity: Song Castle by Luke Waterson @UrbaneBooks #Bookbloggers #BookBloggersRequired


Love Books Group is hosting a book blog tour on behalf of Urbane Publishing.

A seven day tour – I am looking for review and content spots, please.

Luke Waterson’s beautifully crafted love letter to
medieval intrigue and mystery.
Song Castle is the uniquely imagined account of the events
leading up to the first-ever Eisteddfod, in 1176, when musicians
and bards from across the known world journeyed to war-torn
Wales to compete in a festival of poetry and music. Trapped by
bad weather in a castle in this war-torn land, tensions mount
between the competitors, dark secrets are revealed and a web
of deceit stretching all the way to the Holy Land is uncovered.
Luke Waterson’s second novel following the bestselling
Roebuck is a wonderful medieval mystery and will thrill fans of
authors such as CJ Sansom.

• Based on a true story of the first Eisteddfod
• Luke is not just the author of Roebuck, but a successful
Lonely Planet writer and travel author and journalist
• Roebuck enjoyed a WHSmith travel promo and was also
a Blackwell’s 3for2 choice

Raised in rural Somerset, Novelist and Travel Writer Luke
Waterson developed a penchant for travelling at an early age
and, following completion of an English Literature and Creative
Writing degree at the University of East Anglia, duly set forth to
travel the world. Luke had his first novel, “Roebuck – Tales of an
Admirable Adventurer” published in December 2015. He writes
for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Avalon Travel Publishing, the
Telegraph, the Independent, BBC Travel and a clutch of in-flight


To sign up for your spot on the tour, please complete this google form.

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