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Behind Closed Doors by Adele O’Neil is out now on Kindle and in paperback. Published by Aria Fiction. Adele took time out to catch up with us for a natter.

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What if everything in your life was a lie? An emotionally tense story of love, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Perfect for the fans of Louise Jenson.

DUBLIN – For the past two years Jill Ryan has tried to keep her darkest secrets deeply buried and remain relatively anonymous. Haunted by her tragic past and struggling to keep her life together, Jill soon realises that the last person she can trust is herself.

KILKENNY – Only Heather Martin knows the lengths her husband will go to teach her a lesson and Heather has had enough. Faced with the impossible choice of saving herself or staying to care for her ailing father, Heather has a choice to make. But does she have what it takes to survive?

When Detectives Louise Kennedy in Dublin and Tony Kelly in Kilkenny begin to investigate, their dark discoveries collide unravelling a complex web of secrets that stretch far and wide.

|Author Interview|


What book truly inspired your life and why?

I don’t think I can pinpoint one book that inspired my life but  the book, A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle definitely inspired my writing. I loved the vividness of the imagery used to depict Dublin at the turn of the twentieth century and the relatability of the characters even though the entire book was historical.


How did you pick who you dedicated your book too?

In my first book, I dedicated the writing to my parents, Marie and Curly who are both deceased. I adored them and wanted to thank them in some small way for everything that they have done for me, my siblings and all our children.  They were probably two of the most amazing people I have ever known.

My second book is dedicated to my husband and my two daughters. As I said in the book, all my words are for them.


Did you do a lot of research for your book?

Often, while in the throes of writing a particular scene and having to fact check on google for accuracy, I’ve wondered how writers of years gone by wrote before google. Their wealth of knowledge must have been immense to be able to be as empathetic and as factually correct as they were. For Behind A Closed Door I did an immense amount of research by consulting with Gardaí and other professionals who work with Domestic Violence, care givers who care for Alzheimers patients and read every relevant novel I could find. I was alittle more selective though when it came to consulting directly with domestic Abuse survivors. I felt conflicted as I didn’t want to, in any way lessen their experiences by interviewing them for the purposes of selling a book. It was important to me to reflect the issue correctly and respectfully so I opted not to speak to any survivors directly and instead read numerous accounts and court reports and victim statements online.


What was your favourite read of 2017?

The Hearts Invisible Furies by John Boyne


If you had to take three books on a desert island what would they be?

I love fiction that is relatable and realistic so anything along those lines although they’d have to be three I haven’t read before. I’m an eternal optimist so I expect that I’ll be rescued at some stage so the three previously unread books would keep me entertained while I hatched my escape plan or waited for my rescue.


Can you tell us a little about your publishing journey?

My desire to be a writer is quite a recent one with my first foray into writing coming in 2015 at the age of forty three. I then signed with my agent in September 2016 and in November of the same year my agent began the process of sending out submissions on my behalf to 13 publishers in the first round. From the initial 13 submissions, 8 publishers expressed an interest in reading the full manuscript. It was from this pool of eight publishers that Aria Fiction made a three book offer to publish Brothers and Sisters in 2017, Behind a Closed Door in 2018 and When the Time Comes in 2019.


Can you share with us a photo that tells a story?

LOVE BOOKS GROUP photo lake garda

This photograph is particularly poignant. It literally represents the calm before the storm as my two girls who were eight and six at the time, chatted cheerfully on a journey across Lake Garda from one port to another. As a family we are competent sailors and used to all things marine however we could never have predicted the events that eventually unfolded when the weather turned and we were trapped in the middle of one of Italy’s most gruesome storms in years. It’s a stark reminder of how precious life is and how powerful nature can be.


What would you like your readers to know before starting your book?

That it’s not just a crime book, it’s a story of revenge, loyalty and love and the lengths we go to, to save ourselves and the ones we love, just like life.


Do you have any questions that you would like to ask your readers?

I always love to ask readers to describe what they think certain characters look like.




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