#BookReview Christmas in Whitehorse Bay (Novella) @emilyabrandon

I love that it’s snowing heavily here in Scotland, it inspired me to look over some of the Christmas titles that we didn’t quite manage to fit in last year. I spoke with Kimberly Livingston (our USA blogger in residence) and asked if she could review this beautiful Novella by Emily Anne Brandon for us.

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It’s happening! Angus and Ruth, Whitehorse Bay’s favourite young-at-heart couple, are tying the knot.

Lexy loves father-figure Angus and village gossip Ruth to pieces and she’s thrilled to be chief organiser of the festive extravaganza. Not that it’s an elaborate affair, but she’s got a few top-secret plans to put into practice.

Until the snow starts.

Being on the Scottish coast, snow doesn’t ordinarily last longer than a day or two. However, the flurries don’t seem to be letting up, and the village is thrown into turmoil as everyone realises there’s no way in and no way out. Lexy is stressed, the villagers are on edge, and what is up with the hush-hush tones and sneaky looks between Lexy’s fiancé and her best friend?

The wedding has been the talk of the town for months and Lexy is desperate for the big day to go ahead as planned. If everyone pitches in, perhaps all will not be lost. Plus, people get ordained online all the time, don’t they?

Christmas in Whitehorse Bay is a festive novella which follows on from Love on the Rocks: Summer in Whitehorse Bay, but can also be read as a stand alone story.


A cosy little novella to read whilst snowed in by the Beast from the East!

It’s the week before Christmas, and the little village of Whitehorse Bay is seeing the worst snowstorm it’s had since ‘95. (Seem familiar?) Which would be perfect if Lexy hadn’t been planning the Christmas Eve wedding of either century since June for her friends Angus and Ruth, all the while postponing the decision of her own wedding date.

Whitehorse Bay happens to be home to what appears to be three of the UK’s most eligible bachelors, not a bad place to find oneself snowbound The story has the opportunity for quite a few love triangles and a whole bunch of amusing mishaps. A little improbability goes a long way, but if you get to spend a whole snow day reading, you might has well go all in.

By Kimberly Livingston on behalf of Love Books Group


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Thank you, to Emily Anne Brandon for the ARC we received.

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