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Six days before Christmas, Stella must rush home to Scotland when her grandmother is taken to hospital. As she reconnects with her past, old flames are rekindled, and as Christmas fast approaches, Stella begins to wonder if her most heartfelt wish can come true?

Uprooted from her life in London and back in her childhood home of the Scottish borders, Stella is soon faced with relationships which have lain dormant for years. New opportunities present themselves, but will Stella dare to take them…

Fans of Christie Barlow, Jenny Hale, Holly Martin and the festive glow of Christmas lights will fall in love with this romantic Christmas treat.

Our Review 

In our house, everything Christmas is fair game the day after Halloween…..or before Halloween if it snows enough. Christmas carols are always acceptable, so are Christmas movies if you find yourself in the mood. Let’s suffice it to say that our family has taken Charles Dicken’s advice to  “honour Christmas…. and try to keep it all the year” to heart. So, when offered to review Stella’s Christmas Wish by Kate Blackadder I gladly accepted.

I think the holidays are a great way to build tension in a romance novel. Either the protagonist can hate the holidays but have a change of heart,  or they can love the holidays but just can’t deal with them this year. Stella’s Christmas Wish is more along the latter description. Stella’s character has taken it upon herself to be the responsible party in her family, to the detriment of what it is she truly wants. The characters were all endearing, and the writing was tight. I love that this story is predictably light for a yuletide reading. I love that there are no dark parts that detract from the joy of the season, no creepy ex showing up, and the like. If anything, I would have preferred a little more of the novel be devoted to the holiday. Unlike the title, even the cover feels as though Christmas is a little bit in the background, but we’ve already established my thoughts on all things Christmas, so it may just be me.

If you want something light to go with your hot cocoa this November or December (or the rest of the year), then Stella’s Christmas Wish might just be the gift you’ll want to open.

By Kimberly Livingston for Love Books Group Blog

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Merry Christmas from Kelly & The Team, thank you for all your support and love in 2017.

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