Local Art Exhibition: Chris Morrison and Ruth Adcock #Scottish #Review

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Stilton and gingerbread, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, Run DMC and Aerosmith, entangled photons…. All bizarre and unexpected combinations that for some inexplicable reason work.  I have another to add; life drawings and seascapes. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when the invitation to local exhibition ‘Sea Life’ appeared in my inbox but, curiosity piqued, I hit the road to investigate.

A mere fifty miles outside Edinburgh I found Whitsome Village Hall lovingly transformed into an exhibition space by local artists Chris Morrison and Ruth Adcock. Their styles couldn’t be more different and yet Chris’s bold bright oils sat beautifully next to the subtle, simple lines of Ruth’s life drawings.
There is a delicacy to Ruth’s work that belies simplicity whilst depicting the most complex human forms. By setting her work against dark blue and black backgrounds she manages to capture a sense of both the frailty and beauty of the human form. Her use of light and shadow need to be seen to be believed.
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Chris used the exhibition to showcase large, vibrant pieces which would make a dramatic centrepiece in any room. Both colour and movement are prominent features and are used to great effect.
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Both artists welcome comments and enquires via their Facebook pages:
By J.A Warnock for Love Books Group Blog.

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