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Book Week Scotland 2017 is taking place from Monday 27 November – Sunday 3 December.

Welcome to our Book Week Scotland 2017 special. Every day we are featuring guest posts from various Authors with a variety of genres to suit every reader.

Book Week Scotland is a week-long celebration of books and reading that takes place every November.

During Book Week, people of all ages and walks of life will come together in libraries, schools, community venues and workplaces to share and enjoy books and reading. They will be joined in this celebration by Scotland’s authors, poets, playwrights, storytellers and illustrators to bring a packed programme of events and projects to life.

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Today Claire Duffy is here at Love Books Group with a guest post. Claire’s debut novel Dark of The Night was published on the 28th of November this year.

©Claire S Duffy

By the time you read this, somebody might be reading my book. Maybe even a few somebodies. Folk who don’t know or care about me, who’ll enjoy my story or they won’t.

Just typing that makes me want to hide under the couch.

And also do star jumps of joy.

Simultaneously, in fact, which would almost certainly result in me bashing my head on the bottom of my couch.

As my book launch creeps ever closer, the best way I can describe how I’m feeling is that it’s a bit like being on a rollercoaster. You know the moment, when you’re heading up the big slope? It’s going slower and slower and you can hear the machinery clunking (or at least you’re pretty sure you can) and you’re at such a severe angle you’re looking straight up at the sky?  

Your heart is thudding and you’re about to burst with excitement. There might be a few pins and needles. You can’t wait to get on with all the screaming and swooping and waving your hands about. It’s why you bought the ticket and probably queued for half a day, after all.

But a wee part of you wants your mum to step in and stop it all.

Well that’s it. That’s exactly what launching my first proper novel feels like. Right down to the mum bit, even though I’m in my thirties and my mum is on holiday on the other side of the world.

I think every writer knows that one of the most horrifying aspects of writing is the moment when you have to take the brilliant story that has been rattling round your head for weeks, months, years – and ruin it by writing it. Hopefully, you’ll eventually – through weeks, months and years of blood, sweat and tears – wrestle it back to something approaching the dazzling heights of brilliance you first imagined, but we all know that reality never quite measures up. (That’s why we’re writers in the first place.)

So I suppose the reality of a book launch is a version of that. Now, I can fondly imagine that everyone who reads my book will laugh, cry, gasp, scream, be moved, fall in love, possibly burst into song once or twice. After the launch, I could well be facing one of two realities. One, nobody will read it, or two, that they’ll yawn, roll their eyes, scratch, check exactly how many pages are left, think about what to have for dinner. Fail to burst into song even once.

Of course the reality will be somewhere in between, and that will be absolutely fine.

Although I’m a brand new novelist, I’ve been a writer for almost two decades. As a screenwriter and a copywriter, I’ve had my work eviscerated on a professional level more times than you’ve had hot dinners. I take rejection on the chin, shrug at maddening notes, and smile sweetly and promise to do my best with the most bonkers demands (“Could you just take out the comedy, but DON’T make it any less funny!”; “Hey! What if THIS character was the bad guy instead of that one?!” *would change the entire movie from page one onwards*)

So I’m a big girl. I know that not everyone will take to my story. I know that most will never even know it existed. (How much does a skywriter cost, just out of interest?) Whatever happens on book launch day and beyond, I’ll get up the next day and open my laptop again and I’ll crack on with the next one, because that’s what we do.

In fact, the main thing that will happen on the big day is that in my head I will become a published author. It won’t be a secret wee dream that I – even as a working screenwriter – felt daft about telling people. It will – for better or worse – be a reality.

The rollercoaster is picking up speed.


Just when Ruari musters the courage to confess his love for best friend Lorna, she goes missing. When Lorna’s body is found in the Campsies, Ruari sets out to retrace her last steps in the hopes of finding her killer – but somebody has beaten him to it. Now the hunt is on for a serial killer terrorising Glasgow.

As Ruari is drawn ever deeper into a labyrinth of darkness, somebody is watching his every move. Will he catch the killer – before the killer catches him?

Dark of night is a fast-paced, twisty serial killer thriller set in Glasgow, turbo-charged with Scandi-esque noir and black humour.


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