The Stopping Place By Helen Slavin @IpsoBooks #Review

We received an ARC of The Stopping Place in exchange for a free and honest review. Thank you to Ipso Books and Helen Slavin.


At the door she was hemmed in by his hands. On her face, in her hair. At her neck. I had seen what he had not; I had seen her flinch.

Ruby Robinson drifts through life stacking shelves at the library, quiet, solitary, invisible.

Invisibility lends itself to collecting secrets, though, and Ruby has always valued the importance of knowledge. She watches the world go by from her place amongst the shelves. The bored students, the domestic dramas, and her colleague Martha –
vivacious, wild, enchanting.

Drawn in by Martha’s light, Ruby finds herself watching, observing… which is why she notices the cracks in Martha’s shiny new relationship before anyone else.

Forced to intervene, Ruby is drawn out of the shadows, but all actions have consequences, particularly for someone with a past she’d rather forget.

Ruby spends her days among books. She should have known that every story has a history and that secrets don’t stay hidden for long…


The setting for The Stopping Place is a library and that sparked my interest. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to set a story.  The main character Ruby is definitely unique.  We really spend the book trying to figure out why she is the way she is.

This was my first Helen Slavin book, it is written in a style I haven’t ever read before and I don’t quite have the best words to describe it.  It’s almost lyrical the way it flows. It was a special reading experience for me.

As I got further into the book I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen and it didn’t. Although the book has some thought-provoking topics throughout there is a certain pace to it that just wasn’t for me, I found all the crying and weirdness with the library staff a bit much and I couldn’t’ connect with Ruby at all. However, others readers will love the storyline and unique writing style.

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