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I have been trying to attend a Murder & Mayhem event for many months now, but with life getting in the way I’ve never managed, until now! Last night I was so excited to be to attending the event in Stirling.

It was lovely catching up with my friends with an early supper before the event. The food was delicious and the conversation and laughter were priceless. I was asked at the table what my thoughts on being the events corpse were? As my whole body was consumed by this hit of nerves, I thought what the hell as the kids would say today YOLO!

So it’s how I found myself lying on the floor of Waterstones Stirling in front of all the authors and audience. After having executed my death beautifully (if I do say so myself)  from poisoning. But who was the murderer?

Murder & Mayhem was brilliant. With each of the Authors/Suspects declaring there innocence to the wonderful PC Plod. The imagination of all the stories was superb and I was in fits of giggles.

Murder & Mayhem Stirling
Allison Brady as PC Plod
Murder & Mayhem Stirling
Lesley Kelly, Chris Longmuir, Amanda Fleet, Allison Brady
Jackie Mclean, Tana Collins, Lesley Kelly, Chris Longmuir, Amanda Fleet, Allison Brady
Murder & Mayhem Stirling
Chris Longmuir, Amanda Fleet, Allison Brady


Murder & Mayhem Stirling
Tana Collins, Lesley Kelly, Chris Longmuir,
Allison Brady & Jackie Mclean


After much debate, the audience was then asked to pick who they thought was the culprit. The correct answer was chosen by the lovely Sandra Woodhead my friend and fellow book blogger.  Sandra, then got to pick a book from one of the authors.

The evening was not over, the authors then introduced us to their novels and gave as a personal insight into their own writing journey. It was truly fascinating and I loved every minute.


In the audience were some familiar faces, authors Jackie Baldwin, Ian Skewis and Alison Baillie Taylor. Which was a real treat and it was lovely catching up with them too.

Murder & Mayhem Stirling
Ian Skewis with Jackie Mcleans book Toxic


Murder & Mayhem
Jackie Baldwin

A brilliant experience and I thoroughly encourage everyone to snap up tickets when the Murder & Mayhem crew roll into your town.

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5 comments on “Murder & Mayhem #Stirling #CrimeFictionEvent #Review”

  1. I had a brilliant evening Kelly, and you made a most professional corpse. I have now added you to our list of professional corpses for hire!. Your life, or should I say your death, will never be the same again. Keep an eye out for our Murder & Mayhem events. We’re not finished yet. Chris Longmuir

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