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We have a sneak peek feature for you today of Liam Brown’s new book called Broadcast, published by Legend Press earlier this month. Enjoy, Kelly x


Book Synopsis

“I couldn’t put Broadcast down. I’ll be thinking about this book for a
while, and, to me, that’s the sign of something really special.” Kerry Hadley

Inception meets Black Mirror for the YouTube generation.

The idea behind MindCast is simple. We insert a small chip into your skull and then every thought, every feeling, every memory is streamed live, twenty-four hours a day. Trust me – within a few months you’ll be the most talked about person on the planet.

When David Callow is offered the lead role in a revolutionary new online show, he snatches at the opportunity.

Rapidly becoming a viral sensation, David is propelled to stratospheric levels of celebrity. However, he soon realises the downside of sharing every secret with the world.

A prisoner to both his fame and his own thoughts, David seeks to have the chip removed, only to discover the chilling secret lurking at the heart of MindCast, and the terrifying ambition the show’s creator has for him.

Sneak Peek 

David opens his eyes. He reaches for his phone. He holds it at arm’s length. He hits Record. He says: Good morning, guys. He hits send. He scrolls through the comments below last night’s video. He posts some replies. He answers some messages.
He watches a video someone has sent him. He watches a few snippets of pornography. He skims over a couple of news headlines. He flicks through some photos of women he might date. He flicks through some photos of trainers he might buy. He reads some fresh comments below his ‘good morning, guys’ video. He posts some replies. He holds up his phone and takes a picture of his face. He edits it, using his thumb to smooth
out the lines across his forehead, lightening the bags under his eyes, before applying a filter so that it looks like it was taken on an instant camera in the early Seventies. Then he posts it. He writes a comment: Still in bed, guys. He writes another comment:
Living the dream. He watches a video. He takes a photo. He reads a comment. He sends a message. He takes a photo…

Four hours later, David is in a taxi on his way to see his friend Nadeem, a fellow video star who also happens to be one of Sarah’s clients. As an ex-chef, Nadeem initially found his niche making recipe videos, though over the last six months he’s started performing food related stunts and extreme eating challenges in an effort to attract more viewers. At Sarah’s suggestion, David occasionally appears in Nadeem’s videos, something she calls ‘cross-pollination’. The last time David featured in one of his videos, he ended up eating a desiccated Thai scorpion on camera – a traumatic event that nevertheless
turned out to be one of their biggest shows to date. Today, however, Nadeem has promised he will not be required to eat anything weird. Rather, they are just getting together to catch up. Although obviously, the whole thing will still be filmed.

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A Bit About the Author:
Liam Brown’s debut novel Real Monsters was
published in 2015 and long-listed for the
Guardian’s Not the Booker prize, followed
closely by Wild Life in 2016. He lives in
Birmingham with his wife and two children.

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