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Little Shop Of Horrors 
The Studio Theatre, Edinburgh
Review: By Kelly 

©Sam Ezra Young

I was invited to review a production of Little Shop of Horrors at The Studio in Edinburgh, by TBC Productions.  I am a fan of the theatre show and movie, having seen it many times. I was looking forward to it. With it being a new amateur theatre group I did not know what to expect.

As the show began I was immediately struck by the professionalism of the cast.  No one slipping from character, all the accents on point. The audience were howling with laughter and totally engrossed from start to finish.  All the actors were tremendous but the stand out star for me was Fiona Dawson, in her role as Audrey, definitely one to watch out for.  From start to finish Ms Dawson stole the show.

©Sam Ezra Young

The set was out of this world. The effort that’s been put into it was apparent as soon as the curtains opened. The attention to detail was on point. I was very impressed.  The music was on magical and perfectly timed with the production.

©Sam Ezra Young

My overall impression after the show was how professional it was and that I would not hesitate to go to any show that this ensemble produced.  I walked away stuffed to the brim with happiness.  The best production I have ever seen of Little Shop Of Horrors.

©Sam Ezra Young

24th June at 7.30pm (2.30pm Sat matinee). Tickets are £19 (£16 Concession on Opening night and Sat Mat).

 Tickets available from




TBC Productions, Edinburgh’s first amateur theatre group to use exclusively ensemble casting, brings the cult classic musical Little Shop of Horrors to the capital next month. The group will be performing its pilot production at the Festival Theatre’s, The Studio, with a total of eight cast members.

Little Shop of Horrors tells the tale of Seymour Krelborn, a down-trodden floral assistant, who becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers and nurtures an unusual plant. Seymour unwittingly names the plant Audrey II after his colleague and love-interest, but soon discovers that its nature far less sweet than that of its namesake. Soon Audrey II grows to offer him fame, fortune and love in exchange for feeding its unique appetite. Seymour has some difficult choices to make…

Based on the 1960s film, the rock comedy horror musical is one of the longest running off-broadway shows of all time. Having missed the capital on its UK Tour 2016, TBC Productions made it their mission to bring the show to Edinburgh audiences using the same casting structure as the professional Productions.

Thomas McFarlane, one of the group’s original committee members, explains “TBC Productions was initially formed in summer 2016 when we realised there was no one providing a platform for ensemble shows in Edinburgh outside of the Fringe. It was initially formed as a small group internally cast, however, the hope is to open our doors to the wider theatre community. Next year’s show will be announced very soon and we will be holding open auditions as well as inviting applications for those wishing to be part of the production team.

“With it being ensemble shows, as the professional shows were intended, we also wanted to bring the same quality to our productions. This is why we have chosen a high-quality venue and have opted for the new Broadway arrangements of the score for Little Shop.”

The cast of the upcoming production are well known across the Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife amateur dramatics circuit, with credits in companies such as Bohemians, Allegro, Limelight Productions, Glasgow Live Productions, Theatre South Production and Captivate.

Little Shop of Horrors will be at The Studio from Wednesday 21st June to Saturday 24th June at 7.30pm (2.30pm Sat matinee). Tickets are £19 (£16 Concession on Opening night and Sat Mat).

 Tickets available from

Audrey & Seymour

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