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Every day we will have Authors from different genres answering my exclusive questionnaire.

Today on the blog, is Alison Baillie, author of Sewing The Shadows Together 

Alison Baillie~ Crime Fiction Takeover Interview

me portobello

Which crime novel stayed with you long after you had finished?

  • Miss Smilla’s feeling for Snow by Peter Hoeg was the first Scandinavian crime novel I read (nearly thirty years ago) and I can still remember the intriguing main character and the haunting Greenland setting.

If you had, to sum up, Edinburgh in four words, what would they be?

  • Where my heart is

Who is your favourite fictional crime character and why?

  • John Rebus – because he is so complex and human. Reading Ian Rankin’s books I feel that I really know him as a person I’d like to talk to in the Oxford Bar.

What is your favourite part of Edinburgh and why?

  • Portobello. My mother came from there and I used to spend all my holidays there when I was a child. I love the beach and I make a ritual stroll along the prom every time I come to Scotland. It is also the setting for my book Sewing the Shadows Together.

If you could have dinner with four fictional crime characters who would they be?

  • John Rebus, of course, Roberta Steele (Stuart MacBride) Logan McLean (James Oswald) and Rhona MacLeod (Lin Anderson). I think we’d have a great conversation.

About your own work, where do you find inspiration for your books?

  • Mostly from places I’ve visited, people I’ve met and imagining ‘what if…’

If your current book had a theme song what would it be?

  • If you don’t know me by now (Simply Red)

Write the scene of a crime for us, set in Edinburgh, one paragraph long. Include these three items ~ Banana, Greyfriars Bobby and The Wash Bar.

Archie Kilbride walked up the Mound, watching the sun setting behind the dark silhouette of the castle. When he heard the sound of laughter coming from the Wash Bar he wished he could go in – Noir at the Bar was on tonight and listening to the readings might give him inspiration for his new career as a PI. But he was meeting his first client in the Greyfriar’s Bobby Bar in ten minutes and couldn’t be late.

Standing at the bar he sipped a pint, excited about meeting the man who was to give him his first case. A figure sidled up to him, his hand in the pocket of his long dark coat. The cloth bulged, pointing towards him. Archie felt a moment of panic. Was it a gun?

The stranger spoke in a low voice. ‘There’s no room for another PI in north Edinburgh. This is my patch.’

Archie gulped. Perhaps he’d been a little hasty in his decision to change career paths.

The other man withdrew his hand from his pocket. In it was a banana. ‘Remember you’re the monkey, and it’ll no be just a banana if I catch you on my pitch again.’  

Do you have any events lined up either online or in person that my readers could attend?

  • I’m thrilled that I’m part of a FREE fringe event at Bloody Scotland. Sharon Bairden is moderating a panel on indie authors with Alan Jones (Bloq) David Videcette (The Detriment) and me. It takes place at 3.30 on Sunday 10th September at the Curly Coo pub. Hope to see you all there!

Could you tell us about your current novel and how you got inspired to write it?

  • My current novel, provisionally called Echoes of Other Lives, is a psychological suspense about a young Scottish mother living in Switzerland. As her perfect family life begins to crumble dark secrets from her past begin to catch up with her.

Often people go abroad to escape something in their past (not me!) and the inspiration came from imagining what would happen if somebody’s past caught up with them.


From The Back Of The Book 

Can you ever get over the death of your sister? Or of your best friend? More than 30 years after 13-year-old Shona McIver was raped and murdered in Portobello, the seaside suburb of Edinburgh, the crime still casts a shadow over the lives of her brother Tom and her best friend Sarah. When modern DNA evidence shows that the wrong man was convicted of the crime, the case is reopened. So who did kill Shona? Sarah and Tom are caught up in the search for Shona’s murderer, and suspicions fall on family and friends. The foundations of Sarah’s perfect family life begin to crumble as she realises that nothing is as it appears. Dark secrets from the past are uncovered, and there is another death, before the identity of the real killer is finally revealed… Set in Edinburgh, the Outer Hebrides and South Africa, Sewing the Shadows Together is a thoroughly modern murder mystery that keeps the reader guessing to the end. Filled with characters who could easily be friends, family or people we work with, it asks the question: Do we ever really know the people closest to us?

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Huge thanks to Alison Baillie for taking part in our Crime Fiction exclusive.

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