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Seeking Eden By Bev Harvey 
Urbane Publishing ~ 06/07/2017
Article By Kelly 

The Real You Interview with Beverly Harvey 

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Beverley Harvey (Bev to her friends) hails from the corporate communications world, working first in advertising in a variety of support roles, before moving into PR where she trained in a London agency before becoming freelance in 2001.

After threatening to write a book for years, Beverley finally swapped PR campaigns for plot lines with the completion of her debut novel ‘Seeking Eden’.

When not reading or writing, she enjoys listening to rock and indie music, cooking, baking, and keeping fit.  An animal lover and part-time dog walker, Beverley is inspired by nature, art and life’s daily trials and tribulations.

Born in Yorkshire, and raised in South London, Beverley now lives in Kent with her partner Mark and their naughty Terrier, Brodie.

Hello Bev and welcome to the Love Books Group Blog please tell my readers a little bit about yourself and your publishing journey.

Hi Kelly, thank you for inviting me on to your wonderful blog.  I’d wanted to write a novel for years.  Then I got into my fifties and thought; well, what’s stopping you?  A friend signed us both up for a creative writing class and a door creaked open.   Four terms later, I’d written a crude version of Seeking Eden, which was originally called ‘Beginners’ Guide to Burb-Watching’.  I was very naïve and wrote to lots of agents; the silence was deafening.  

Describe yourself using three words?  Thoughtful, practical, creative

What inspired you to write your first novel?   

When I left London ten years ago, I went into shock.  The ‘new town’ I live in was the inspiration for my book, because it has a unique and complex vibe all of its own.  I am also a huge Mike Leigh fan; getting inside the minutia of ordinary people’s lives fascinates me.  Seeking Eden is about what lurks beneath the thin veneer of respectability that so many of us cultivate.

What time of day do you like to write?  Mornings or evenings – but rarely in the afternoon.

What is your favourite book and why?

Impossible to say – but Donna Tartt’s The Secret History blew me away and I’ve read both Patrick Suskind’s Perfume and Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day twice for their incredible language.  

How did you pick the title of your book?

The name Seeking Eden was a collaboration with Matthew Smith at Urbane, who felt that my original title had American overtones.  Seeking Eden hints at looking for a utopia – but as we all know, there’s a snake in every paradise.  

Are the characters in your book based on real people?

No.  But some of the situations come from my own experience.

What’s your favourite word?   Ethereal.

If you were a colour what would it be?  Topaz blue

Do you plan your story beforehand or go with the flow?

I have a theme in mind, and a loose framework, but even that can change as things progress.

Who is your favourite Author?

Sadly I read less now than I’ve ever done, but in the past I’ve devoured Fay Weldon, Anita Brookner, Janette Winterson and Joanna Trollope.

You are attending a dinner party with four fictitious book characters who would they be and why?  

Nick and Amy Dunne from Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn); light the touch paper and stand well back!  The second Mrs De Winter from Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca – although the book is overlong, the story is gripping and I feel protective to the poor creature living in Rebecca’s shadow; and Jane Tennison from Lynda La Plante’s Prime Suspect series – what an incredible brain and spirit.

What book are you reading at the moment?

I’ve just started reading a thriller; The Brief by Simon Michael.

Where in the world is your happy place?

I always feel calm and centred when I return to Yorkshire where I was born, but not brought up.  It is also anywhere my other half is – we don’t spend enough time together.  

If you had one superpower what would it be?

To talk to animals – I have so many questions for my rescued terrier.

If you could give any literary villain a happy ending who would you chose?

Not a villain, more of an anti-hero; when I read Paul Theroux’s The Mosquito Coast in my twenties, I wept when Allie Fox died.  I was desperate for the family to rebuild another settlement like Jeronimo.  

Are you working on a new project?

I am chipping away at the sequel to Seeking Eden – there are several new characters to bed in so I am finding it very challenging.


Seeking Eden By Beverly Harvey


50 is the new 30 – haven’t you heard?’ Or so says Ben Wilde’s record producer on the eve of his comeback. If only Ben could win back ex-girlfriend, Kate, he’d be a happy man. But married Kate has moved on, and moved out – to Eden Hill, a quiet housing estate in the suburbs. Lonely and homesick for London, can Kate resist ego-maniac Ben’s advances and save her own flagging marriage? Streets away, Kate’s new friend Lisa, a Chihuahua toting ex-WAG, is primed for a fresh start – until her footballer ex-husband is found dead and she is vilified in the gutter press. But Kate, Lisa and Ben aren’t the only ones having a midlife crisis; local shop owner Martin dreams of escaping his dutiful marriage, and develops an unhealthy obsession with Lisa and her friends in Eden Hill. Alongside a colourful cast of friends and family, Kate, Lisa, Ben and Martin are living proof that older does not always mean wiser because in Eden Hill, there’s temptation around every corner.

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Huge thanks to Beverley and Urbane Publication for being on the blog today!

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