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Duplicity By Lisa J Hobman
Published 03/01/2017

I  would like to welcome Lisa author of  Duplicity to my blog today.  Thank you for being part of making my blog special.

The Real You ~ Interview


Lisa J Hobman’s debut novel Bridge Over the Atlantic was shortlisted in the Romantic Novelists Association’s Romance Novel of the Year 2014 (The RoNAs) – Contemporary Romance Category. A happily married mum of one with two crazy dogs, Lisa especially enjoys being creative and now writes almost full time. In 2012 Lisa and her family relocated from England to their beloved Scotland; a place of happy holidays and memories for them and her new location now features in most of her books. Writing has always been something Lisa has enjoyed, although in the past it has centered on poetry and song lyrics. Some of which appear in her stories. The story in her debut novel, Bridge Over the Atlantic, was building in her mind for a long while but until the relocation, she never had the time to put it down in black and white. The move north of the border has certainly given Lisa the opportunity to pursue her dream. Being signed to 5 Prince Publishing in 2013 made that dream a reality but she has since self published works also.


Describe yourself using three words?

Untidy, creative, lovable

What inspired you to write your first novel?

Scotland! We moved up here in 2012 and I started to write and haven’t stopped since! Most of my books are set in this beautiful place I now call home.

What time of day do you like to write?

Any time of day the ideas come or the motivation strikes. I don’t have a set writing pattern but I probably should have!

What is your favourite book and why?

Yikes! So many. I think it would have to be Catcher in the Rye as it reminds me of my youth.

How did you pick the title of your book?

The main male character has two sides to his personality. And the title hopefully expresses that.

Are the characters in your book based on real people?

Nope. Never. That’s not to say there aren’t elements of personalities  meet in the traits of some of my characters but I never base my characters on people I know.

What’s your favourite word?

Passion. The word just conjures up so many images, whether it’s a passion for something like writing or the passion between two people. It’s a very evocative word.

If you were a colour what would it be?

Red. My workspace at home is usually a mess! I should be surrounded by signs that say “Writer at work! Approach area with caution!”

Do you plan your story beforehand or go with the flow?

I try to plan at the beginning but the story usually ends up going in a totally different direction! 

Who is your favourite Author?

As far as contemporary authors go it would have to be Melynda Price. Her words are just wonderful.

Are you working on a new project?

Always! I usually have several projects on the go at once and I move from one to another when the mood takes me in that direction.

Do you have any upcoming events our members can attend?

Dedicated Ink Author signing, Newcastle in June 2017

JPG Kindle Cover

Fin Hunter has spent his life striving for his father’s elusive love and approval by following a life path set out for him and not of his own choosing. However, when he is yet again blamed for something out of his control, he snaps.
Deciding to stand on his own two feet, he chooses to follow his true passion – music. But will he find real happiness?
Star Mendoza is living her dream in Edinburgh, a place she discovered in British novels while growing up in a small USA town. Now working in a city coffee shop, the tattooed, pink-haired young woman fantasises about the handsome businessman she serves daily. He’s totally out of her league but a girl can dream.
Suddenly he stops calling in only to show up again in the most unlikely of places. Could her fantasy now become a reality? Or is the attraction of opposites doomed to fail?

You can purchase your copy here Amazon UK

Huge thanks to Lisa for taking part on my blog. 

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