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A serial killer. A hero to some. A wanted criminal to others.

The man who calls himself Vindici broke out of prison last year. Now he’s filmed himself torturing and killing paedophiles in Liverpool’s affluent suburbs.

Half the city are celebrating: the streets are now safer for their children. But for DCI Eve Clay and her team at the Merseyside Police, it’s a nightmare. Their job is to solve crimes and lock up the killer – hard enough without being despised by the public they are trying to protect.

And now, just when they think they’ve cracked the case, they receive a photo of Vindici at a Day of The Dead parade in Mexico. If Vindici is 5,000 miles away, who are they hunting in Liverpool? DCI Eve Clay must draw on all her cunning to unmask a killer who is somehow always one step ahead.

My Q&A with Mark Roberts 

Describe yourself using three words?

Triple I.  Industrious Imaginative Individual

What inspired you to write your first novel?

I’ve always created stories and, from an early age, written them down.  Writing my first novel was a logical step forward.

What time of day do you like to write?

During school term, I write from 4.30 pm to 7.30pm.  During weekends and holidays. morning until mid-late afternoon.

What is your favourite book and why?

It’s The Trilogy by Samuel Beckett.  ‘Molloy’.  ‘Malone Dies.’  ‘The Unnamable’.  There are many mysteries in Beckett’s work and his writing works on so many levels.  It deals with the most profound philosophical question, in my view.  What is it to be a human being? 



How did you pick the title of your book?

The titles evolve from the stories.  Blood Mist is set against foul winter weather conditions and there is a lot of bloodshed.  Clay is driving through thick fog and sees a red traffic light, the visual effect being a blood mist.  Dead Silent?  I can’t explain because it would give too much away.  Day of the Dead comes from the Mexican festivities in the October-November time window.  People celebrate their passed loved-ones and welcome them back.   

Are the characters in your book based on real people?

Sister Philomena who Clay remembers well from her childhood and, who we meet through flashback, was based on a real Roman Catholic Nun of the same name.  Back in the 1960s and 70s she used to help single mothers and mothers were struggling with PND.

I guess the majority of characters are an amalgam of people.  

What’s your favourite word?

Because.  It’s the door to understanding.

If you were a colour what would it be?

Sunset red.

Do you plan your story beforehand or go with the flow?

I write a document which I put in a drawer and never look at again.  I go with the flow.

Who is your favourite author?

My all-time favourite is Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe, el maestro del terror


You are attending a dinner party with four fictitious book characters who would they be and why?

Will Graham the FBI agent from ‘Red Dragon’.  How do you square thinking like a serial with being a ‘normal’ man?  When did you first become aware of your special talent and what was the process like?

Paul Sheldon the writer from ‘Misery’.  If I ever get abducted by an over-enthusiastic reader, how should I play it?

  1. Auguste Dupin the detective from ‘The Murders in the Rue Morgue’, ‘The Mystery of Marie Roget’ and ‘The Purloined Letter’.  What was it like inside Edgar Allan  Poe’s head?

Father Lankester Merrin from ‘The Exorcist’.  When did you first realise that you were a marked man?  And why do you think The Devil picked on you?



What book are you reading at the moment?

‘Stalkers’ by Paul Finch.

Where in the world is your happy place?


If you had one superpower what would it be?


If you could give any literary villain a happy ending who would you choose?

Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’.  I’d have him getting lynched by his victims but then being laid to rest next to Beethoven.


Are you working on a new project?

I am working on ‘Black Sun’.  It’s an Eve Clay novel and it’s set in Liverpool.  I’ll leave it there if that’s ok.

Do you have any upcoming events our members can attend?

12th July 6.30 pm Waterstones Liverpool One.  I’m on a panel with four other authors talking about crime fiction.

You can purchase your copy here: Amazon


Huge thanks to Head Of Zeus Books and Mark Roberts for being on my blog today.

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