Noir@TheBar #Edinburgh #3 @CollinsJacky #Review

©Edinburgh Castle ~ Kelly Lacey

On a gorgeous evening in Edinburgh, a plethora of like-minded folks gathered for a meal at Makars ~ The Gourmet Mash Bar.  A little warm up to the fantastic evening ahead at The Wash Bar.  The food was delicious and the service was top notch. I highly recommend the restaurant and I will definitely be back to sample more of the gorgeous desserts!

Here is a snap of the table, with so many fabulous and lovely people!

IMG_7010 (Edited)
©Makars Restaurant ~ Edinburgh
IMG_7013 (Edited)
©Ian Skewis ~ Jackie Baldwin ~ Ann Bloxwich ~  Makars Restaurant ~ Edinburgh
IMG_7014 (Edited)
©Makars Restaurant ~ Edinburgh

One of my many favourite bits of the evening was meeting @vpeanuts Vic Watson, a lovely genuine gorgeous lady inside and out. She would add sparkle to even the dullest of days. Last night she was shining bright with her infectious happy personality. I encourage everyone to give her fabulous blog a follow. ~ ElementaryvWatson

©Vic Watson & Kelly Lacey

So after our meal, with our belly’s full we all headed over to the main event at The Wash Bar.

IMG_7182 (Edited)
©The Wash Bar ~ Edinburgh

As the wonderful Jacky Collins took to the stage to start the evening, the audience sat in anticipation.  First, to read @TheBar #3 Edinburgh was Mac Logan.

©Mac Logan
©Mac Logan

Next up was the gorgeous and very talented Lucy Cameron.

IMG_7055 (Edited)
©Lucy Cameron
IMG_7047 (Edited)
©Lucy Cameron & Jacky G Collins

Third to read was Vic Watson, her wonderful reading left me wanting more!

IMG_7091 (Edited)
©Vic Watson
IMG_7068 (Edited)
©Vic Watson & Jacky G Collins

The fourth pick was Neil Broadfoot, he really knows how to set the scene!

IMG_7097 (Edited)
© Neil Broadfoot
IMG_7095 (Edited)
Neil Broadfoot & Jacky G Collins

Fifth to read was Ian Skewis, his book A Murder Of Crows is getting lots and lots of well-deserved buzz right now.

IMG_7123 (Edited)
©Ian Skewis
IMG_7120 (Edited)
©Ian Skewis & Jacky G Collins

A wee mention now that Lesley Kelly’s new book with be launching on the 15th of June at Waterstones Edinburgh. If you have the date free, please do pop along at 6.30pm and show some love and support for Lesley. You can book your ticket here: Waterstones Edinburgh West End

IMG_7112 (Edited)
©Lesley Kelly & Kelly Lacey

Up next to read was the talented May Renaldi.

IMG_7127 (Edited)
©May Rinaldi
IMG_7125 (Edited)
©May Rinaldi & Jacky G Collins

Aly Munro was next to read. Aly has a wonderful reading voice and really absorbs you into the book.

IMG_7134 (Edited)
©Aly Munro
IMG_7130 (Edited)
©Aly Munro & Jacky G Collins

Next, we had a reading and a wonderful song from Doug Johnstone.

IMG_7144 (Edited)
©Doug Johnstone
IMG_7137 (Edited)
©Doug Johnstone & Jacky G Collins

I was very excited for the next Author ~ Ms Claire MacLeary, I first met Ms MacLeary at the Linlithgow Festival and I am now an avid fan. Cross Purpose is in my top five books of the year so far. A gentle soul with a heart of gold. Her reading was gritty, dirty and fabulous!!!

IMG_7165 (Edited)
©Claire MacLeary

Sara Sheridan was up next with a reading from her Brighton Belle series.

C J Huntley gave a lovely and memorable reading.


To finish the evening there were the ‘Wild Card’ readers. Featuring  Jackie Mclean and
L P Mennock.

©Jackie Mclean
L P Mennock

I was very lucky to meet Sharon Bairden, Chapter In My Life Blog at long last of many months connecting over Facebook it was so lovely to meet in person.

©Sharon Bairden & Kelly Lacey

Here are some other snaps for the evening.

IMG_7103 (Edited)


IMG_7031 (Edited)
©Neil Broadfoot & Doug Johnstone
IMG_7114 (Edited)
©Fellow Blogger Miriam V Owen
IMG_7111 (Edited)
©Clare MacLeary & Kelly Lacey
IMG_7028 (Edited)
©Sharon Bairden & Vic Watson
IMG_7149 (Edited)
©L P Mennock & Kelly Lacey

Huge thanks to the beautiful, clever and talented Jacky G Collins. An amazing lady who does so much for the world of books. I was honoured to attend the event and I cannot wait until September. Thank you so much, Jacky. xx

IMG_7180 (Edited)
©Jacky G Collins & Kelly Lacey

A fantastic evening with a real gorgeous feeling of a crime writers community. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces and to make new friends. Noir@TheBar Edinburgh #4  will be in September 2017. I cannot wait! See you there.

I will be posting all the photos from the night on my Facebook page if you would like to see more. ~ Kelly’s Facebook

Keep an eye on my blog for the next fortnight as I have a whole host of different people from Authors to Publishers partaking in a special crime Q&A. Part of my Crime TakeOver Fortnight!

If you would like to partake please let me know.


Smiles & Love

Kelly xx

Ps ~ If I have made any name errors I am very sorry it’s not my strong suit, please PM on Twitter @lovebooksgroup and I will promptly update.

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  1. Hi Kelly

    I’ve searched and searched for the questionnaire and I think it said I should email you for it!

    Hope you are well. Last night looked fab.


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