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Dunbar ©Kelly Lacey

CoastWord Festival 2017 Dunbar  ~ Day 1 

I was lucky enough to be one of this years chosen bloggers along with my friend and fellow blogger, Joanne ~ Portobello Book Blog. We travelled down from Edinburgh on Friday the 19th, filled with trepidation and excitement.

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©CoastWord Bloggers 2017 @Portybelle & @Lovebooksgroup

The festival was held at The DunMuir Hotel in Dunbar. A spacious venue with a large function room. The set for the weekend was made up to look like a comfy livingroom, with a large reading chair and a bookcase with lamp. Setting up an ambient atmosphere.


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©Kelly Lacey


First to perform was award-winning playwright Jenna Watt, with her play Faslane. Faslane is situated 40 miles outside Glasgow and is home to the UK’s Trident nuclear missile program. I have, to be honest, and say I hadn’t heard about its existence. So it was all new to me. The play is essentially a war of thoughts pro and against Trident,. With Faslane providing years of work for her family members and the inner turmoil of not knowing where her own opinion lay. Jenna visited both Faslane and the peace camps. To help gain more knowledge. It made life somewhat puzzling for her. The play is well executed, there is a lot of dialogue for one person to act out, it’s very impressive. Jenna Wright was a powerhouse, captivating, gentle, loud, memorable. A great thought provoking and conversation starter piece.


If you would like to know more please visit Jenna Watt’s Website


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Kirsty Law By Kelly Lacey ©

Next up was Kirsty Law, CoastWords first songwriter in residence. Kirsty uses a Shruti Box to accompany many of her songs, it is a fabulous sounding instrument that provides a rich drone background. Kirsty’s songs were inspired by the Firth Of Forth and Dunbar. I really enjoyed Moving Up Hill and Water Of War.  Kirsty has a new album in the pipeline and if you would like to know more please visit Kirsty’s Website

Kristy Law By Kelly Lacey ©


A superb opening to the festival, two varied works both unique and highlighting Scotland in their own unique ways. 

Please check out my next few blogs (soon to follow) to read about Day 2 & 3.

Dunbar ~ ©Kelly Lacey

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