**COVER REVEAL** Trust Me ~ @TheAngelaClarke @HarperImpulse

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You should know, by now, not to trust anything you see online.

But what if you saw something you shouldn’t … Something that you’re sure was real – and no one believed you?

That’s right, Angela Clarke is BACK with the third novel in her social media thriller series. And trust me, this one is everything you hoped it would be…


What do you do if you witness a murder…but no-one believes you?

When Kate sees a horrific murder streamed live on her laptop, she calls the police in a state of shock. But when they arrive, the video has disappeared – and she can’t prove anything. Desperate to be believed, Kate tries to find out who the girl in the video could be – and who her killer is.

Freddie and Nas are working on a missing persons case, but tensions in the police force are running high and time is ticking. When Kate contacts them, they are the only ones to listen and they start to wonder – are the two cases connected?

Dark, gripping, and flawlessly paced, Trust Me is the brilliant third novel in the hugely popular social media murderer series.

Keep an eye on Facebook, because Angela Clarke will be revealing it on Facebook Live at the same time. You’ll be able to watch her here!


1 comments on “**COVER REVEAL** Trust Me ~ @TheAngelaClarke @HarperImpulse”

  1. I’ve entered her competition to win this book and a bunch of others but tbh I’m going to get this series anyway as it sure looks good!

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