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I attended last night’s performance of Descent at The Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh.  I must say I went to theatre with a preconceived idea of how I thought the production would be, after doing some online research about its theme.  I did not think it would be something I would enjoy.

However, I could not have been more wrong and it reiterates never to judge something be it a book cover or a  theatre show by its cover or poster.

Descent - Production shot - Wendy Seager as Cathy

The stage is set in a very clean modern way. It almost becomes invisible as the characters are so so bold, colourful and noisy with their own story.  The three actors that take us on this raw, emotional and frightening journey are Wendy Seager, Greg Powrie and Fiona MacNeil. They were all superb, each brought something different to the play. Their own emotion, voice, and essence.

Descent - Production - Wendy Seager as Cathy & Fiona MacNeil as Nicola (1)

It’s an important story and often a topic that is not discussed. Because it may cause embarrassment or it’s not the done thing.  Linda Duncan McLaughlin, the writer of the play, shows us the glance of the real heartbreaking truth of the effect Dementia has not only on the sufferer but the family has too.

Descent production shot (1)

I was overwhelmed by this powerful performance.  When it was over I immediately wanted to talk with the cast and crew and find out how they felt about the topic and how hard it was to act out the emotional scenes. I didn’t of course as I hadn’t arranged it beforehand. Instead, I turned to my fellow audience members and realised no one was leaving the theatre. We were all sat there stunned by what we had just watched.  I noted that I wasn’t alone in my need to talk about it. So we did, all talking about how powerful the performance was and how it was such a real and honest account of what happens. It was refreshing to talk to the people and know they too were affected by the play in the same way as me.

The show now moves all over Scotland, you can find out more here: Website.

Please check out The Brunton Theatres website for the upcoming shows this season.

Thank you to the team @DescentThePlay and to Fiona D @TheBrunton for my review tickets. 



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