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If you could turn back time, would you choose a different life?

Forty-something Maggie is facing some hard truths. Her only child has flown the nest for university and, without her daughter in the house, she’s realising her life, and her marriage to Dan, is more than a little stale.

When she spots an announcement on Facebook about a uni reunion, she can’t help wondering what happened to Jude Hanson. The same night Dan proposed, Jude asked Maggie to run away with him, and she starts to wonder how different her life might have been if she’d broken Dan’s heart and taken Jude up on his offer.

Wondering turns into fantasising, and then one-morning fantasising turns into reality. Maggie wakes up and discovers she’s back in 1992 and twenty-one again. Is she brave enough to choose the future she really wants, and if she is, will the grass be any greener on the other side of the fence?

Two men. Two very different possible futures. But is there only once chance at happiness?

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Fiona Harper 


As a child, Fiona was constantly teased for two things: having her nose in a book and living in a dream world. Things haven’t changed much since then, but at least she’s found a career that puts her runaway imagination to use!

Fiona lives in London with her husband and two teenage daughters (oh, the drama in her house!), and she loves good books, good films and anything cinnamon flavoured. She also can’t help herself if a good tune comes on and she’s near a dance floor – you have been warned!

Fiona loves to hear from readers and you can contact her through her website, her Facebook page (Fiona Harper Author) or Twitter (@FiHarper_Author).


My Review

Yet another new Author discovery for me, Fiona Harper, and boy of boy what a gem! The Other Us is akin to the theme of the movie Sliding Doors. If you had the chance to go back and change your life’s path would you? Knowing that everything you knew and had lived would change and even may not exist.

With a lovely set of characters, Fiona makes the reader care about Maggie almost from the first page, we can relate to her issues, the mundane everyday slump that can happen in most marriages. When life becomes set in a routine and we forget that like all things, marriage does take work. Whether it be day one or day one thousand, communicating and caring, have to take priority.

Fiona Harper makes so many important, thought provoking situations in The Other Us, That I had to stop and think about my life and how and what I would do if I were in them. At first, you think yes that would be super, I could make right all my bad choices. But then you see clearly that x wouldn’t happen if B hadn’t happened and then you wouldn’t have a b c in your life. So on and so fourth.  So maybe all the crappy moments, make us who we are and we are destined to go down a certain path.

This will be my first of many of Ms. Harpers novels,  it was funny, emotional and extremely absorbing.  One of those books, that you stop reading and put on the nightstand and then for 10 – 20 mins you are sitting thinking about it the book and dissecting the characters choices.  That was me and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

My thanks to Fiona Harper and Rebekah @HQStories for my Arc copy.

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