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I attended the book event for ‘Flesh of The Peach’ by Helen McCory, at the famous Blackwell’s Bookstore in Edinburgh.

A splendid turnout with lots of excited chatter and buzz about the book.

Helen McClory arrived in a spectacular outfit, a light gold jumpsuit and black cape!


There was a lovely interview hosted by Jenny Brown. We learned that Helen really did take the three-day Greyhound bus across America the same as her character Sarah takes in the book.  So that was hands-on research, with forever memories~ good and bad (gun smuggling, oh my). A very thought provoking question arose from Jenny and Helen, do we need to like the characters in a book to enjoy it?   This had me really thinking about the way I review and how it may change in the future,  I do put a lot of emphasis on how much I like or dislike the characters. But perhaps I don’t have to like them I just have to respect their journey. So that was a nugget of inspiration for me personally to reflect on.


Most definitely a book that I hope to review here on the blog soon at a later date.


An intense journey into and out of rage and grief, via sex and violence, following 27-year-old artist, Sarah Browne and set mostly in the American Southwest. In New York, the ending of Sarah’s recent relationship with a married woman has coincided with the death of her estranged, aristocratic mother, leaving her a substantial amount of money and an unrecognised burden of toxic grief. Rather than return home to England, she decides to travel by Greyhound to her mother’s cabin in New Mexico. There she’s drawn into a passionate relationship with Theo, a man whose quiet stability seems to complement her mercurial character.

But as Sarah’s emotional turmoil grows, there are warning signs that tragedy could ensue. In Flesh of the Peach Scottish First Book of the Year winner, Helen McClory, paints a beautiful and painful portrait of a woman’s unravelling, combining exquisite, and at times experimental, prose with a powerful understanding of the effects of unresolved loss.

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  1. Sounds like a great event! And interesting that question about liking/disliking characters came up, I prefer to dislike them! I recently gave a book four stars and hated all but one minor character and my review was pretty much how much I hated the main one! 😂

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