Night Is Watching @lucycameron22 ~ #BT Guest Review By J A Warnock

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Can You Feel Your Blood Drain…

Couples are being slaughtered in their homes; women drained of blood, men violently beaten.  There are no clues to track the killer, no explanation as to why an increasing amount of blood is being removed from the crime scenes.

Detective Sergeant Rhys Morgan is seconded to the ‘Couples Killer’ investigation. Tormented by vivid nightmares, he hasn’t slept soundly for weeks becoming convinced a creature from these nightmares poses a threat to him and his family. His behaviour becomes increasingly erratic causing his bosses to wonder if he’s the right man for the job.

As clues to the killer’s identity are uncovered, the line between what is real and what cannot be starts to blur and Rhys discovers the answer to catching the killer and exorcising his own demons, may be as irrational as he fears.

This dark and disturbing debut novel is a page-turner you will not be able to put down. 

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The Review By J A Warnock ~ 4 STARS

It is unusual to find an author who can sustain a book’s central question quite as well as Lucy Cameron does in her debut novel ‘Night is Watching’. Trying to explain what I mean without giving anything away is going to be tricky but I will give it a go. Cameron has the enviable knack of making her reader believe, or at least consider, several conflicting possibilities as the plot unfolds. Even ideas that, if encountered in our daily life, we may consider far-fetched are not without some potential witness or corroboration which should seem plausible to even the most level-headed of a reader. The question and implication of who and what is to believed starts on the first page and lingers after the last.

Written from the standpoint of an omnipotent narrator, the novel flits from character to character giving various perspectives on and insights into the events that unfold. This is useful because we do not see events as skewed by any one characters point of view. We see what each person percieves as the truth and it is up to us to decide how we interpret their thoughts and actions.
The story centres around an ordinary, if troubled, Detective Sergeant named Rhys Morgan. Although we are thrown in at the deep end in terms of plot, there is also enough given of the ordinary and mundane (his home life, squabbles and routine) to ground the unfolding horror in a landscape the reader will recognise.  I realise this is hugely subjective but I also liked him which is something I find helps immensely when embarking on a new book.
All in all, a strong debut. I would highly recommend giving it a go. Four stars.
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