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Take a Magical History Tour through the works of the greatest pop music phenomenon; replicating in sight and sound, the excitement and energy of Beatlemania, the psychedelic era of Sgt. Pepper, and the creative masterpieces of The White Album and Abbey Road.

Four costume changes and lighting scenes compliment the changes in musical complexity as the show develops to its climax.

The performers, as well as being talented instrumentalists and singers, are hugely dedicated Beatle fans, intent on recreating their individual character on stage. Their uncanny vocal resemblance to the Fab Four is due to their upbringing in the same place, Liverpool.

My Review 

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As I waited in line to get into Venue 1 at The Brunton Theatre, the crowd was awash with excitement. You could feel it flowing through the air. As I listened to people talking I began to understand that The Cavern Beatles had been at the theatre the previous year. This was a great sign that so many people were returning. The ages of the audience were so vast from little children to lively adults.

Once the venue was full the four talented stars of The Cavern Beatles bounced on the stage.

John – Paul Tudhope,

Paul – Chris O’Neill,

George – Rick Alan,

Ringo – Simon Ramsden

Immediately from that moment till the end, I was transported back in time. Taken on a tour of all the different albums. With such precision and attention to detail, you can see and hear the time, effort and practise that has gone into this truly marvellous routine. From the various costumes changes and the vast array of songs, you can’t help but be flabbergasted. I have to say having been to various other tribute bands in my time, they always have something missing. But The Cavern Beatles are all incredibly talented.  The band plays together effortlessly. With an array of songs from Michelle, Sergent Pepper Suite, Imagine and much more. I must give a mention to the behind the scenes crew. With the lighting flashing in time with the numbers and at times creating the gorgeous ambience.

This show is really for everyone, it’s upbeat and so much fun. The audience were on their feet dancing and clapping, having the time of their lives.

They have several dates upcoming across the UK.


You can book tickets here ~ Click To Book

Visit their FB Page ~ Click

Bands Website ~ Click

Follow On Twitter ~ @CAVERN_BEATLES

Thank you to The Cavern Beatles & The Brunton Theatre.


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