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Horse McDonald in Careful…

30 Mar 2017

The world premiere of Scottish singer-songwriter Horse McDonald’s autobiographical play, Careful – an inspirational story of her triumph over adversity through music.

There are times in life when you need to be careful…

Growing up gay in Lanark in the ‘70s; when the reward is half a pack of fruit pastilles; when the lady on the train tells you about the doctor you should meet. These would be some of those times, but you’ll always be saved if you use your voice. Horse takes us on a journey from kelpie in the Brownies to one of Scotland’s most celebrated singers and through those times when she had to be…Careful.

Written by Lynn Ferguson and directed by Maggie Kinloch, Careful is Horse McDonald’s spellbinding debut play. The second half of the evening takes the form of a live audience Q&A with Horse and Maggie Kinloch and a mini set of her greatest hits, performed by Horse.

Recommended for ages 14 plus.  ~ (Source Brunton Theatre)



My Review 

Well, tonight I was reviewing, Horse McDonalds one woman show #Careful, at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh, East Lothian. With the house packed tight with not a spare seat in sight. The stage was set with two armchairs, both of which are also stars on the night. They represent Horse’s departed parents.  I have, to be honest, and say I really did not know what to expect from the show. But I went into it with the same attitude I have when starting a new book, with excitement and an open mind. By the end of the play, I felt emotionally spent (but in a great way)  Horse was engaging, funny, beautiful and a true storyteller.   Horse had the audience in the palm of her hand. At one point I felt the tears fall gently down my cheeks. I felt so blessed to have my mother sitting next to me. I made a mental note to remember, to only talk about the good things as that’s what matters.  I thought the story about the blackbird with the rich tea was such a huge sign and later I spoke with Horse and she told me about a recent visit from a blackbird whilst she was sitting eating a curry. For me, that’s a wee visit from her mum and it is beautiful that Horse sees it that way too and I hope it makes her heart glow.

2017-03-30 19.03.44.jpg

I felt Horse was speaking directly to me on many occasions throughout the night. Horse has fought her whole life to be exactly who she is in her own skin.  My lessons weren’t to do with gender or sexuality but as a person who has struggled on daily to know their own worth. I felt Horse’s words in my heart and I was lifted. It’s okay to be exactly who you are, not to hide and to be brave.  Shoo the pixie on the shoulder away!

Everyone should go to this show, go with your mum, partner or best friend and you will get so much from the night. It is not just a play.  It’s a story for the heart and music for the soul. Come back soon please Horse, we need more magical moments in life, just like tonight.

After the show, Horse met her fans and chatted away.

2017-03-30 21.40.132017-03-30 21.41.49


I would like to say huge thanks to Horse McDonald, Paddy Cuthbert and  Fiona Dawson at The Brunton Theatre for allowing me the honour of reviewing the show.


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