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The Impress Prize is open for entries!

Now in its 11th year, the Impress Prize for New Writers is open for entries once again. The Prize was created to discover and publish new writing talent in fiction and non-fiction. Entries to the prize are assessed by the Impress team each year and a shortlist is then produced from which a panel chooses the winner. The panel includes representatives from across the publishing industry and the writing community.

We’re pleased to announce that the panel line-up this year is: Laura Christopher, editor at Impress Books and will chair the panel, Annabel Abbs, author of The Joyce Girl which won the Impress Prize in 2015, Mel Mitchell, Publisher Relationship Manager at New Books Magazine and, Lucy Powrie, book blogger and creator of UKYA chat on Twitter, and finally, Natasha Onwuemezi, journalist at The Bookseller.

The winner of the prize will then be offered a publishing contract with Impress Books with the aim of publishing the book in the year following the award. The Impress team also looks at all entries, whether on the shortlist or not, with a view to publication by Impress Books. Numerous entries from previous years have gone on to be published by Impress Books and other publishers. Many authors who have entered the prize have also gone on to be represented by agents.

To enter the prize you need the following:

  1. A 6,000-word sample chapter of your manuscript.
  2. A proposal that should include the following information:
  • Name and contact details of author (including email, mobile number, and landline number)
  • Author biography
  • Rationale for publishing the book (Why is the idea interesting?)
  • Synopsis and/or contents
  • Market readership (Who do you imagine will read your book and where would it sit in a bookshop?)
  • Illustrations (if appropriate) and proposed length.

For more details on how to enter, where to send your entry and full Terms and Conditions, please visit the Impress Prize website. For news and updates on the Prize, follow us on Twitter @ImpressPrize and @ImpressBooks1. The deadline for entries is 30 June.

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So all you budding writers that have that story inside, just bursting to get out. Now is your time ~ take the leap and sign up for this wonderful competition.

Good luck!

Kelly x



One thought on “Impress Prize 2017 ~ Panel Line Up @ImpressPrize @ImpressBooks1 #RT #Exciting

  1. My YA novel Tree Magic is published by Impress Books, and I highly recommend them as publishers. They take really good care of you and are very professional. Good luck to everyone who has entered – imagine that great line-up of judges looking at YOUR STORY!


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