Wonderful Book Sleeves & More ~ Craftyloraine Esty ~ Retweet

2017-03-15 10.50.12

Book Sleeves & So Much More 

Don’t you just hate when you pop a book in your handbag to read when you are out and about, and no matter how careful you are it gets a torn corners or bruised and bashed?  I have the perfect solution for you, the wonder that is Craftyloraine.

2017-03-15 10.50.17

I first saw Loraine’s work on the I Love Books, Facebook group. I was very lucky to get the wonderful book sleeve.

2017-03-15 10.51.02

I also had a problem with my iPhone 7 Plus was too big for my handbag and even with its own leather cover it still felt vulnerable. I contacted Loraine and she sorted me out with its own sleeve also I got an additional one in a larger size for my camera.

2017-03-15 10.51.26

Now I have piece of mind and everything looks so pretty. Even at dinner last night a lady asked me about my phone sleeve.

2017-03-15 10.51.58

The quality is superb, with such details in the sewing and the beautiful buttons.

You can place your order your own sleeves by clicking below ~ Remember to tell Loraine you read this blog.

Craftyloraine ~ Click To Order

HUGE Thanks to Loraine for my lovely sleeves. I adore them.

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