The Further From Festival 2017 ~ Linlithgow

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Today I was lucky to attend two events at The Further From Festival in Linlithgow.  The events were hosted by Sally Pattel @MaddingCrowdUK.

The Queen Margaret Hall was the perfect setting. A beautiful hall and really cosy.  Tickets for each event were priced at only £8.00 each.

The Authors I heard today were:

Shelley Day

Sandra Ireland

Lin Anderson

Neil Broadfoot

Claire Macleary

I had a wonderful day and you can see my reviews of below.  The hall was very busy with people from all walks of life. Including poet Andrew Sclater there to support his lovely wife Shelley Day.

Sandra Ireland, Sally Pattel and Shelley Day

Sandra Ireland ~ Beneath The Skin ~The Further From Festival Linlithgow

Sandra Ireland’s debut book is called Beneath The Skin. Set in Stockbridge Edinburgh. Sandra did an intriguing reading from her book followed with  the Question & Answer section of the event.

My review is based on the answers from the session

Sandra Ireland did not set out to be published. As a wee lass she had written stories and hid them away from prying eyes. Thinking they were her secret.  But when a job came up at the paper she was told to her surprise that she was good at writing and should go for it. One thing lead to another and the end result being she got an agent and Beneath The Skin’s publishing journey began.  Sandra revealed that her initial draft of the book had a completely different ending than it has now. Just the end results of editing and tweaking.

A theme that runs through the book is taxidermy. When asked how it came about. Sandra revealed it was due to her Dundee University MLitt dissertation and meeting Polly Morgan the artist who told her that when she shook hands with people she liked to imagine what was beneath the skin. Giving Sandra her wonderful title and setting the wheels in motion off as an idea for a book.

Sandra brought with her a small taxidermied mouse called Christabel. Little Christabel had her own cute hat.

Sandra Ireland & Christibel The Mouse
Christibel The Mouse



You can purchase Sandra’s book here ~ Amazon UK

Shelley Day ~ The Confession Of Stella Moon ~The Further From Festival Linlithgow

Shelley Day’s debut novel is called The Confession Of Stella Moon. Shelley did a reading from her book followed with  the Question & Answer section of the event.  

My review is based on the answers from the session. 

Shelley had not considered pursuing getting her novel published. However in 2011 she entered it into a competition with Literary Consultancy London. She won £2000 for her efforts. After a 7 year period and many rewrites  it was shortlisted for an award in Dundee.  Where it eventually got it’s wings and was published. However during the edits Grandma’s Ruby’s point of view was not to be included in the end edit. This is something that Shelley found a little frustrating. The whole journey of the book just serendipitously happened 

Having worked in a lab where whilst waiting for the test tubes and autoclave to do their business she would often have a 3 hours period which she did her reading of Penguin Classic novels. Shelley revealed she doesn’t like Sci Fi and that she’s never read Harry Potter or watched the movies.  

Thank you so much to Ms Day for a copy a signed copy of the book. I look forward to reading and review it very soon.

You can grab your copy here ~ Amazon UK


Sandrea Ireland & Shelley Day



The Confession Of Stella Moon, Shelley Day

The Crime Writers Event ~ The Further From Festival Linlithgow

Lin Anderson read from None But The Dead, Neil Broadfoot read from All The Devils and newcomer Claire Macleary did areading from her debut novel Cross Purpose. Followed by questions from the audience.

A thread that linked them all was that they don’t plan ahead with the writing it’s done in the moment and research follows suit after what they have written. Sometimes a particular piece of writing is cut from the book but kept for another writing idea further down the line. So nothing is ever wasted.

It was a wonderful panel to watch and hear more about the Authors themselves and their work.

The only down point of the event was it ended far to soon. Roll on next year I cannot wait.

Neil Broadfoot, Lin Anderson & Claire Macleary

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